About Us

Sublime and classic design is our mission.
Founded in 2018, Fancourt and Co. was born out of a passion for timeless, statement pieces that complement the wearer's natural poise and beauty without costing the earth. Far too often, the styles we want are out of reach - and that is something we've set out to change.
We believe outfits begin and end with jewelry, and that it is not merely an accessory. Jewelry tells a story about its wearer and her journey through life - whether it's a locket gifted on graduation, a bracelet bought to commemorate an unforgettable moment, or that special, once-in-a-lifetime ring - jewelry is so much more than what it appears on the surface.
Our vision is to allow everyone access to gorgeous, unique pieces that speak to them and their lifestyle. Join us in this vision today, and you too can take that journey with Fancourt and Co.